Raffle Calendar Winners

365 Chances to Win

Bay View's Lottery Calendar is a crucial fundraising drive to support the Annual Fund. Each day, one lucky calendar holder wins a $30 prize. On the last day of each month, there is a $250 prize given. And, $200 is awarded on Mercy Day.

365 chances to win and each calendar sold directly supports Bay View's mission.

Pick up your own calendar today!

Annual Calendar Winners Announced

Congratulations to Lyla Couture (second grade) and Margot Palmaccio (kindergarten), who are the first and second place winners of the Annual Calendar Drive!

As a first place winner, Lyla will receive $3,000 off of her tuition next year and our second place winner, Margot, will receive $1,500 off of her tuition next year. Thank you to everyone who sold and/or bought a calendar!

Raffle Calendar Daily Winners


Michelle Larovere
Suzanne LaFazia
Jennifer Abbate
Terry Carragher
Thomas Lovelace
Dana Grenier
Alexandra Morales
Nancy Regelman
Peter McIntyre
Philip and Emily Greene
Liliana Bastia
Donna Keough-Mello
Ms. Delphine Mucyo
Michaela and James Greene
Jillian Nguyen
Chris Furbee


Peter McIntyre
Mr. A. Lataille
Kathy Dolloff
Isabella Lanna
Jayson Montecalvo
David Marquis
Jeanne Hagberg
Mark Kolashuk
Michael and Debbie Kelly
Patricia Delorio
Lily Gucfa and Ruth Flanigan