Virtual Bay View Orchestra Concert!

   The Blue and Gold would like to highlight the Bay View Orchestra’s virtual spring concert. To do so, we “conducted” an interview with a member of the orchestra, Olivia Martin ‘22, to hear about her experience with the orchestra!  

GV: How long have you been in orchestra and what instrument do you play? 

OM: I have been in orchestra since 6th grade and have been playing the flute. 


GV: What kind of music do you play in Orchestra?

OM: Every year we play a lot of different types of music. In fall and winter, we play Christmas music. It’s one of our favorite traditions to play Trans-Siberian Christmas music. In the spring, we typically have a theme. In the past, we’ve played music from musicals and movies such as La La Land. 


GV: What has been your experience with the orchestra? 

OM: The orchestra is a small but a tight knit group of people. Over my years at Bay View, I have come to see the orchestra as a family. Orchestra is my break from any stress that I may have because the music is fun and the people are fun to be around! Mrs. Rachdouni, our orchestra director, is super helpful and is totally open to any ideas pertaining to music that we might have. If anyone is thinking about joining the orchestra, you should definitely join because it is one of my favorite experiences that I have had at Bay View!


GV: Are there any orchestra traditions?

OM: One of my favorite traditions is after one of our concerts. We celebrate our performance with some sort of sweet treat (my favorite has been the Death By Chocolate Greg’s Cake; it is so good!). We celebrate all of our accomplishments throughout our concert season, which is one of my favorite parts of orchestra. We enjoy playing music, but we also enjoy playing music with each other. 


GV: What is the theme for your Spring Concert this year?

OM: Our theme for this year’s Spring Concert was Disney! We played music from Moana, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast (my personal favorite), “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. 

  Check out the Bay View Orchestra’s virtual concert on the Bay View Facebook page. Make sure to share it with your friends and family! The link is down below: 

Orchestra Concert