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Written by Catrina Fielding ‘22 and Sabrina Randall/Edited by Olivia Martin ‘22

   In a school year unlike any other, a Bay View tradition has found a way to persist through a global pandemic. Manhattan at the Bay, commonly referred to as Cabaret by students and many Rhode Island locals, is a spectacle consisting of the talented dancers, singers, and actresses within the Bay view community, all working together to perform Broadway classics and pop hits in order to tell a brand new story. After its cancellation last year, many participants were left wondering what would happen to the Bay View tradition this year. Though it did not look the same as it has in the past, “Cabaret 38- The Rehearsal”, which took place on Saturday, May 1st, was hosted completely digitally, featuring pre-filmed performances and vignettes from performers. 


    Skeptics asked why Bay View would go through the trouble of putting on a show virtually. To answer this question, we reached out to the performers themselves and asked what exactly Cabaret means to them. 


“Cabaret is a great opportunity to express your skill and inspire others to go after what they love to do. Every year since 7th grade I have been in Cabaret, and it has been an amazing experience for me because I can improve my skills in singing and dancing, and I can do it all while being with friends. The show is very well put together and everyone works together to make it come to life.” - Katie Nelson, Class of ‘22


“Cabaret means everything to me— it’s where I found the people that support me and love me unconditionally, and it’s the place I am always able to be accepted. I found a community that I belong to and a stage I can always perform on through Cabaret.”- J Lamoureux, Class of ‘23 


“Cabaret means sisterhood and family to me. It's a place where I get to do what I love, performing, while also doing it with people whom I love and appreciate. The program has been a place where I could grow both as a performer and as a friend.” -Abby Dawson, Class of ‘21


“This year was definitely a very different experience for us all but, I feel that just after a short amount of time we all came together as a theater family and really pulled through. Although it is not the same Cabaret we are used to, I think that this show is certainly a push in the right direction for even bigger shows in the future.” -Sydney Noguiera, Class of ‘22 


Bay View’s Cabaret holds a very special meaning to the whole community, but especially for the performers, techies, and everyone involved in its creation! It has been extremely uplifting to be able to continue the tradition of Cabaret this year after performances haven’t been possible for so long.