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Grace Bourassa ‘22 and Eva Scott-Sheldon ‘22/ Edited by Ace Chou ‘22

   Meet Allie Medeiros, a current senior, who was just nominated as Bay View’s choice for the RIIL Athlete of the Year Award sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield. This nomination recognized Allie’s achievements in sports and academics, as well as her contribution to the Bay View community. Allie has participated in field hockey, swim, and lacrosse for all four of her years at Bay View. We recently spoke with her about her accomplishments and asked her a few questions about what it means to be a Bengal. 

G: You were recently nominated by Bay View for RIIL’s Athlete of the Year award as a recognition of your academic and academic abilities, as well as your contribution to the community. What was your initial reaction when you heard and what do you think are some of the biggest factors that helped you achieve your goals both athletically and overall? 

A: Initial reaction: surprised; there were so many other people in my grade that I thought were going to be nominated because my class has a lot of amazing student athletes! I am overall very grateful though. 

E: How do you think you will react if you receive this award? 

A: I will obviously be extremely excited and proud of all I have accomplished because it truly shows how hard work pays off. 

G: How did you get involved with sports initially? 

A: I started by playing in one of those little 4-year-old soccer leagues, then started swimming in a summer league around first grade, which really brought out my competitive side. Then, in second grade, I joined my town’s rec field hockey league, and ever since then I have loved being a part of a team. 

E: Do you think the all-girls setting of BVA is an asset to the sports programs? 

A: All-girls is definitely an asset. Oftentimes girls at co-ed schools lose sight of the true meaning of practice because they are too worried about what they look like or if the boys are watching them, etc. I also think girls are much more supportive of each other, whereas sometimes boys can be critical/judgemental. 

G: What have this year’s sports seasons meant to you after having to miss spring season last year due to the pandemic? 

A:I have definitely developed a lot more appreciation for Ms. Wasson, my coaches, and RIIL in general after not being able to have my lacrosse season last spring and all they have done this year to let sports play. I have also become significantly more grateful for my ability to practice and play sports because some schools and other states may not even be able to do so. 


E: How does being an athlete make you a better person in your everyday life? 

A: Being an athlete definitely makes me a better person in everyday life because there are so many lessons you are taught on the field that correlate to your life as well. The biggest for me is sportsmanship because it is not only about not being a sore loser. It is also about just simply being kind and respectful to those around you in everyday life. 

G: You recently committed to St. Michael's College to play field hockey this coming fall. Can you talk a little about what guided your choice to play a sport in college, particularly field hockey? 

A: I think ultimately, my love for the sport and thinking about potentially living four years of my life without it is what guided me to play in college; I genuinely don’t know what I would do without field hockey because it has become my outlet over the years. 


E: Lastly, is there any particular piece of advice you would like someone who is considering joining a sports team at Bay View to know? 

A: I think my biggest advice would be to just join a sport, even if you are nervous. Just do it. For me, being a very anxious and nervous person, showing up to school on the first day with automatic friends from the team, having seniors already know who you are, and just knowing you already have people in your life that care about you and know you is the best feeling. You will never be able to find the same friendships, love, and support that you do in your teammates anywhere else. 

   We want to congratulate Allie for all of her hard work and dedication. We are very grateful to have the chance to interview her! Be sure to check the RIIL Instagram page for more updates on this award.