Ava Valenzuela ‘24


    For our final issue of the 2021 Girl Power Roundup, we would like to celebrate women in lacrosse! 

    Lacrosse was actually invented by the Indigineous People of the Americas. It was originally called “stickball” and was played in the St. Lawrence Valley region as a game. Lacrosse also initially did not include women; it was a strictly male sport. The first recorded game of women's lacrosse was played in Scotland at St. Leonards coed School in the spring of 1890. Louisa Lumsden, the first headmistress of St. Leonard’s School, traveled to Canada to watch a lacrosse game. She fell in love with the game and decided to bring it back to Scotland. In 1926 Rosabelle Sinclair, a former student of St. Leonards in Scotland, established the first women’s lacrosse team in the United States at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore. Sinclair also had a major role in establishing the Women's Lacrosse Association, and she was the first woman to be inducted into the United States Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 

    There are many incredible women in this sport that show their amazing skills on the field! My favorite team is the Maryland Terrapins because they have some outstanding players. Megan Whittle, a player on the Terrapins, is becoming a professional lacrosse player. She is one of the most high scoring players in NCAA history, and she helped lead her University of Maryland team to the national championships as a freshman and a junior in 2015 and 2017. She also was honored with the role of team captain during her senior year, had career highs with 84 goals and 99 points, and led the University of Maryland to winning four regular season championships during her career. As a lacrosse player myself, Megan Whittle inspires me, and her influence drives me to work hard and play hard. I hope one day to be on the University of Maryland team like herself. 

Read on to learn more about these amazing women!