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Hiba Hussain ‘24


   Welcome back to the Girl Power Roundup! This month, we would like to honor all of the female accomplishments in STEM. 


   STEM is a vast field that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is a male dominant field, and in 2019, women made up only 26.7 percent of it’s workers. Women in STEM are often overlooked, and according to Scientific American, 45 percent of women in STEM leave because they feel unrecognized and underpaid. It is time we give these outstanding women some recognition and appreciation for all that they have done. One woman who made an enormous impact on navigating our everyday life is Dr. Gladys West. She is responsible for the mathematical programs and calculations of the GPS. Some others who have been extremely influential are Bessie Blount, Aprille Ericsson-Jackson, Nola Hylton, and Helen Blau.


   Bessie Blount was one of the few African American female physical therapists in the years of World War II. She realized the equipment for the wounded soldiers was not working and created her own, including a disposable cardboard emesis basin that is still regularly used today in Belgium. Aprille Ericcsson-Jackson was the first African American woman to get a Ph.D in engineering from the NASA Goddard Space flight center and a Ph.D in medical engineering from Howard University. Nola Hylton is a veteran cancer researcher who had a major role in the diagnosing and spotting of breast cancer through an MRI. Lastly, Helen Blau is a scientist who discovered that a certain cell type can be reversed, which used to be considered impossible. 

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