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Written by Jane Maciel ‘22/Edited by Caitlin Brown ‘22

   Our virtual Cabaret was an amazing success! The Bay View Players and Alumnae had an excellent performance on May 1st. It was a great night to come together and celebrate something so beloved, even if from a distance. Our administration managed to put together a fantastic and fun weekend for everyone to enjoy despite the unfortunate circumstances we have endured over the past year. It was so wonderful to see this iconic Bay View tradition make its way back this year. The night was filled with laughter, singing, dancing, and a little bit of the typical “Bay View magic.” It was so incredibly uplifting to see the current Bay View Players and former players unite on the same “virtual stage.” The sisterhood and support was felt through every screen and song, and it was positively contagious. As a part of the event, we had access to rent the past shows which added a sense of beautiful nostalgia to everyone that was a part of them. During the event there was also a documentary style segment all based around the Bay View Player tradition of signing the wall backstage after your last show as a senior. It was emotional and beautifully showcased our own class of 2021 Bay View Players! If you did not get around to see Saturday night’s performance, you can view the event here:

Cabaret 2021

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