Patience Smalls


  This month, sophomore Katelyn Shields attended the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Conference in East Greenwich, RI. When asked what she had done at the conference, Shields said, “Our first task was to go through the National Guard training test. In this test, we worked together as teams to finish the race against other teams. Once this was over, we headed to the National Guard obstacle course. In the course, we broke into larger teams and went through a series of different obstacles all while racing against two other teams.”These activities were challenging in the amount of effort and skill that was required for their completion.

  The purpose of this conference is to teach young athletes how to develop their leadership skills over a team or group. This is highly beneficial to many young and upcoming athletes. In terms of how her leadership skills have evolved due to this experience, Shields responded, “I learned how to bring my team together and support my teammates when we are down and when we are up, which is important because I am a lacrosse goalie and a leader on the field. In addition, I learned more about the importance of communication, confidence building, and problem-solving, for myself and also the team as a whole”.

  This conference was a positive experience for many young athletes, including those involved in our own sports teams. When ultimately asked what she gained from her attendance at the conference, Shields concluded, “I was able to gain greater leadership skills and learn how I  can be a better leader on and off the field as a student-athlete.” Kate Shields is a strong athlete and leader who has gained more knowledge because she participated in the conference.