Recess is back for Bay View Students!
Madison Abood ‘22


    Have you ever wanted to do an activity or start a club at school? Well, now's your chance! Bay View will have time allocated for fun during the school day beginning in March. Every other week from 1:25-2:25, clubs will be able to get together and run events in which all students have the opportunity to get involved. 


   The possibilities for what you could propose are pretty much endless. These activities range from coloring to a dance party to discussions on a book or topic of interest. This built-in time during our school day will help give students a mental break from stress and allow for time to get involved, be creative, and have fun with friends. 


   If you have an idea that you want to put out there, make sure to stop by the library and fill out the form. These forms can be left in the drop boxes in the Walsh Dining Room and the Gribbin Library. So get creative! We can’t wait to see all of the fabulous ideas everyone has on ways students can get involved and have fun during this free period.