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Madison Abood ‘22 and Jasmine Stevens ‘22/Edited by Via DaSilva ‘22

On Friday, April 16th, Culture share met in celebration of Arab-American Heritage Month to make hummus. Arab Americans are anyone with descent from the Arab Nation. The Arab Nation is made up of 22 countries which spread from the Middle East to North Africa. Some Arab countries include: Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. The Arab Nation consists approximately of 423,000,000 people. Arab culture has attributed many discoveries and instruments to our modern day society, two being; anesthesia and surgical instruments. Today there are an estimated 4 million Arab-Americans in America, which means they make up roughly 1% of the US population. 

Culture Share as a club welcomed our Arab-American and Non-Arab 

American students to participate in making this shared cultural dish, hummus, a dish shared in many cultures. It was a night of education and fun! If you were unable to attend the meeting, but would like to use the hummus recipe we used, it’s linked below! 

Hummus Recipe