The Girl Power Roundup: January 2022
Rosalina Russillo ‘27


  Welcome back to The Girl Power Roundup and Happy New Year! This month The Girl Power Roundup will be centering on women from the Colonial time period in America. American Feminism began when young Mary Chilton fought her way to the front of the boat. She was the first female to set foot on Plymouth Rock. 

  Moving to the time period prior to the American Revolution, women were able to obtain small odd jobs, but they were still not seen as influential societal or political figures. Mercy Otis Warren was one woman who became extremely popular after writing playwrights that taunted British political figures. 

  This was an extremely bold move for a woman of the time. Sadly, although she was bright, it was still impossible for her to go to college. Mercy’s husband understood her intellect and filled their home with books and wanted her to read and write. She is now known as the first woman playwright of America.  


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