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Izzy Chou ‘24


Earlier this month, senior Olivia Tracy received the Girl Scout Gold Award. She explains that, “The Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout can earn. A girl must work for at least 80 hours on a project that will leave a lasting impact on her community.” Tracy has participated in the Girl Scouts for thirteen years and was able to speak about the impact of being a Girl Scout at the 2021 Leading Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony. The annual fundraiser honors the successes of Girl Scouts in the region. 

Olivia’s favorite things about Girl Scouts include the involvement in the community, the outdoor activities, and the wide range of opportunities available to her. Tracy states, “My troop goes on frequent camping trips, from anywhere like the Berkshire Mountains, to a small Girl Scout camp in West Kingstown.”

Tracy exhibits the quality of a model Girl Scout through her involvement in community work. When asked the question, “What empowers you to continue your involvement in service,” she replied by saying, “I continue to do my work for the next group of Girl Scouts. I want girls to have the same amazing experience that I had within Girl Scouts. If I can help them receive this fun experience, then I’ll do anything I can!” Olivia Tracy’s devotion to helping out and serving the community is an admirable and inspiring quality.