“Tiger Talk”: COVID-19 Regulations Impact Spring Sports at Bay View

Written by Grace Bourassa ‘22 and Eva Scott-Sheldon ‘22/Edited by Ace Chou ‘22

While COVID-19 has drastically affected high school sports, Bay View has been fortunate enough to be able to participate in golf, lacrosse, track, softball, crew, and sailing during this spring as well as volleyball during the Fall II season. Volleyball, crew, and sailing have already begun practices, while golf begins the next season of sports on April 12. The remaining spring sports are scheduled to start on April 26. 

    As warmer weather begins, spring sports are forefront on everyone's minds. If you are thinking of trying out though, you may want to rethink your April Break travel plans. Most spring tryouts are the week after April Break with the exception of golf and students that travel outside of the state cannot participate. Anyone traveling is still required to quarantine for two weeks and by doing so during April Break, tryouts and the first two weeks of the season will be missed. 

    Policies on spectators have changed throughout the year as the case rates for COVID-19 have fluctuated. We have yet to see Bay View’s response to the new spectator guidelines released on March 17, 2021. These new guidelines relax the previous spectator rules with on campus facilities. Now there is no longer a “No Spectator Policy,” but schools evaluate their own facilities to determine if they will follow more restrictions. These new policies provide hope that sports will be able to run smoothly as athletes try to regain some sense of normalcy in this season of their sports.