An Interview With Jasmine Stevens

Written by Catrina Fielding ‘22/Edited by Olivia Martin ‘22

The Blue and Gold would like your help in congratulating our very own Jasmine Stevens on her truly amazing essay about how Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired her! She entered her essay, “A Seat at the Table,” to a contest hosted by Roger Williams University School of Law and was named the winner of the high school division. The contest invited Rhode Island students from grades kindergarten through twelve to submit essays and artwork about how they have been inspired by the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


    Jasmine is a junior here at Bay View and is involved in the performing arts as well as our Critical Concerns Committee, which works diligently towards creating an inclusive curriculum at Bay View. Her inspiration for participating in this contest came from her Advanced Placement Language and Composition class taught by Mrs. Bianchi. After Ginsburg’s passing this past September, Mrs. Bianchi’s class spent a lot of time in class learning about and discussing her significance, particularly in the ongoing fight for gender equality. In learning about her court cases and her genius way of proving that gender bias does indeed exist, Jasmine was inspired by the way Ginsburg was so driven by her empathy for the people around her.


    “What are politics if there’s no empathy included?” Jasmine mused as we discussed Ginsburg’s attitude towards her role as a Supreme Court Justice. “I think as people get older, they start to live with this mentality that they have a larger sense of fragility, and I just don’t think that was true for her. She had a passion and a fire inside her that you don’t see in a lot of people… I think that her legacy is going to live on, and I think her strength is her legacy.” 


   Jasmine was inspired by the way that Ginsburg continued to represent people with their best interests at heart all the way to the end. Ginsburg’s legacy encourages Jasmine to fight for the things in life that she deserves, to get out of the box that people try to put her in, and push for people to listen when they don’t want to. Below is the link to the article announcing the winners for the contest as well as their submissions! Scroll to the end of the article to read Jasmine’s essay!


Link to Jasmine Steven’s Essay


Congratulations, Jasmine! Keep up the great work!