Amanda Grattan

Today in Bay View History, Eileen McSoley 40 was born in 1922!

In the 1940s, a recent graduate of Bay View, Eileen McSoley, took a job as the new physical education instructor of the school. Her legacy to our herstory is important. as she was the very first laywoman to work at the school. She served many roles over the years, as a physical education teacher, English teacher, athletic director, basketball coach, student council moderator and guidance director.

She also reworked the lyrics from a popular song from the 1945 film, The Bells of St. Mary, and gave us the beautiful, tear-jerking alma mater we proudly sing today. 


The Bells of St. Mary's at close of the day

are calling me homeward, back home to the Bay

And clear in the night air, their ringing I hear

I long to return there and find rest from care

The Bells of St. Mary's, ah hear, they are calling

the young of heart, the true of heart

who belong to Bay View

Their ringing reminds us of memories that bind us

and keep us close in mind and heart

to dear Bay View

Eileen McSoley '40 and Ruth Rodricks '39

Eileen McSoley '40 and Ruth Rodricks '39

Miss McSoley '40 (front row center) and her 1948 gym class

Miss McSoley '40 (front row center) and her 1948 gym class

Coach Eileen McSoley '40 and team at basketball practice in 1958

Photo from the 1964 yearbook