The Girl Power Roundup: Women In Performing Arts Edition – October 2020

Olivia Martin ’22


Welcome back to another exciting month with the Girl Power Roundup! This October we will be celebrating all of the amazing achievements women have made in the performing arts. 

Women have been trailblazers in the performing arts across all of the musical genres, including jazz, classical, country, and gospel music. Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz vocalist who was called “The First Lady of Song.” In her lifetime, she won thirteen Grammy awards, released more than forty albums, and even was presented with the National Medal of Arts by Ronald Reagan. In the classical genre, Frances Blaisdell was one of the first female professional flautists and she was the first woman who appeared as a soloist and wind player in the New York Philharmonic. Dolly Parton is an extraordinary country musician who not only has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, but has also opened her own theme park, Dollywood, which is located in Tennessee. Dolly Parton has also established a program called “Dolly’s Imagination Library,” which has the goal of improving literacy among children by donating over ten million books to children every year. Aretha Franklin was a gospel, rhythm, blues, and pop vocalist who was presented with numerous honors during her lifetime. She has been awarded with the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Aretha Franklin was also the first female to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and continues to be the highest rated singer of all time according to Billboard. Of course, here at Bay View we know Aretha Franklin best for her song “Respect.” 

All of these extraordinary women along with many others continue to influence the performing arts. Read on to learn more about these outstanding women! 


It’s just my goal to make other girls feel as strong as I feel when I’m on the stage. 

- Hayley Williams