Marya Cheema ‘27


   Welcome back to the Girl Power Roundup! We would like to honor the many important and amazing African American Women who have been trailblazers in the technology industry in honor of Black History Month. 

   Many women have influenced the technology industry, but some of the most important are Gladys West, Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Valerie Thomas. Gladys West is a mathematician who is best known for working on the GPS system. She was one of the only African American women working at the Naval Proving Ground in Virginia and was even inducted into the Air Force Hall of Fame in 2018.  Dorthy Vaughan was a mathematician who specialized in tracking airplane paths. She was featured in the non-fiction novel Hidden Figures, and there is a crater on the far side of the moon that was named after her in 2019.  Katherine Johnson was a mathematician who had a crucial role in planning a mission to Mars while working at NASA. President Barack Obama awarded Johnson the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. Valerie Thomas also worked at NASA and is best known for managing the Space Physics Analysis Network. 


There are so many African American women who have made important contributions to the technology industry. Read on to learn more about these amazing women! 




The Girl Power Roundup