Congratulations to Our First Quarter Honor Roll Scholars
St. Mary Academy - Bay View

The Bay View Academy community recognizes those students who demonstrate above-average scholastic achievement on a quarterly basis via the Honor Roll. A student in grades six through twelve who achieves all A’s for the quarter grading period is given the “highest honor.” A student who achieves A’s and B’s for the quarter grading period is recognized with “honor.” The following is the list of students who achieved placement on the Bay View Academy Honor Roll for the first quarter of the 2021 - 22 school year, sorted by state, city/town, grade, and honor level.


Rhode Island




Leela James, Grade 10, Honors

Jessica King, Grade 12, Honors

Mariana Rivera, Grade 8, Highest Honors 

Katelyn Shields, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Payton Sullivan, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Morgan Vales, Grade 12, Honors

Katherine Waldorf, Grade 10, Honors

Scarlett  Wasinowicz, Grade 6, Highest Honors



Marina  Abreu, Grade 11, Honors

Tierney Heath, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Margaret Lima, Grade 10, Honors

Francine Miller, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Skyla  Mimoso, Grade 9, Honors

Sophia  Napp-Vega, Grade 11, Honors

Mekayla Neves, Grade 7, Honors

Hailey  Osmanski, Grade 12, Highest Honors


Central Falls

Siera  Baptista, Grade 11, Honors

Ahtiana Benway, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Suraily Sam, Grade 11, Honors



Abbey Abood, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Madison Abood, Grade 12, Honors

Isabella  DelSesto, Grade 10, Honors

Johnna  Eunis, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Lily  Goodwin, Grade 7, Honors

Emily  Heath, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Margaret  Mahoney, Grade 12, Honors

Erica  Makhlouf, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Abigail Pare, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Hannah  Parisella, Grade 11, Honors

Morgan  Pedus, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Aubrie  Suffoletto, Grade 7, Honors

Sarah  Trosin, Grade 11, Honors

Kayleigh Ventura, Grade 7, Honors



Caitlin Brown, Grade 12, Honors

Ellianna Cardoza, Grade 6, Honors

Lyla Couture, Grade 6, Honors

Andrea DeFusco, Grade 12, Honors

Mary Dilorio, Grade 11, Honors

Taylor Ferraro, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Jordan Foster, Grade 11, Honors

Ella Foulkes, Grade 9, Honors

Shannon Golde, Grade 7, Highest Honors

Emma Greene, Grade 12, Honors

Ella Izzo, Grade 7, Honors

Giordana Jones, Grade 6, Honors

Santanvi Kavali, Grade 11, Honors

Mariana Laqule, Grade 7, Honors

Christina Maggiacomo, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Ireland McKenna, Grade 7, Honors

Cassidy McLoughlin, Grade 11, Honors

Izarriah Melgar, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Gabriella Osorio-Palo, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Ariana Palano, Grade 10, Honors

Giada Palano, Grade 7, Honors

Rosalina Russillo, Grade 7, Honors

Semiha Salami, Grade 11, Honors

Kayley Thibodeau, Grade 11, Honors

Olivia Wilcox, Grade 10, Honors


Sophie Sullivan, Grade 8, Honors

East Greenwich

Isabelle Chou, Grade 10, Honors

Madeline Medeiros, Grade 9, Honors

Brenna Plaziak, Grade 11, Honors

East Providence

Orla Feld, Grade 12, Honors

Melissa Keller, Grade 9, Honors



Emily Chatowski, Grade 9, Honors



Sophia D’Orsi, Grade 9, Highest Honors


Grace Bourassa, Grade 12, Highest Honors


Rachel Palmer, Grade 9, Highest Honors


Dianelys Fajardo, Grade 6, Honors

Elsa-Nicole Mendez, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Pamela Mendez, Grade 9, Honors

Julia Parsons, Grade 11, Highest Honors 

Jazmin Pierce, Grade 11, Honors


Madelynn Daly, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Grace Demers, Grade 10, Honors

Arfa Haseeb, Grade 7, Honors

Angelina Maldonado, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Sophia Sousa, Grade 7, Honors

Victoria Sousa, Grade 10, Honors

Little Compton

Emma Leary, Grade 12, Honors


North Kingstown

Ava Bianchi, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Sophia Bianchi, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Phoebe Dolan, Grade 11, Honors

Elizabeth Martin, Grade 9, Honors

Olivia Martin, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Jillian Nguyen, Grade 10, Honors

North Providence

Ella Rwenzo, Grade 10, Honors

Jasmine Stevens, Grade 12, Honors

Jesatey Zapata, Grade 9, Honors

North Scituate

Jessica Lamoureux, Grade 11, Honors

North Smithfield

Elyse Vieira, Grade 11, Honors


Natalia Annicelli, Grade 10, Honors

Cassandra Bonilla, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Neisa Brito Barbosa, Grade 12, Honors

Olivia Cobery, Grade 11, Honors

Julie DaSilva, Grade 8, Honors

Liv DaSilva, Grade 12, Honors

Serenity DaSilva, Grade 9, Honors

Lia Gallagher, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Megan Gherardini, Grade 6, Honors

Jadzia Jean, Grade 12, Honors

Zara Jean, Grade 9, Honors

Lauren Kenol, Grade 10, Honors

Saoirse McGinn, Grade 7, Honors

Simone Miranda, Grade 12, Honors

Kenzie Mooney, Grade 6, Honors

Lila Nascimento, Grade 9, Honors

Emily O’Hearn, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Madeline O’Hearn, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Ashanty Rodriguez Rosario, Grade 12, Honors

Yun (Amber) Zheng, Grade 12, Highest Honors


Caryn Leigh Comerford, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Mary Rose Comerford, Grade 12, Highest Honors 

Elizabeth Healey, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Eleanor Sheridan, Grade 11, Honors


Gabriella De La Cruz, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Hepburn England, Grade 6, Honors

Greta Heitmueller, Grade 12, Honors

Jadah Matos, Grade 12, Honors

Sofia Mazza, Grade 12, Honors

Theodora Minca, Grade 7, Honors

Aaryia Newby, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Oreoluwa Osunde, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Bernadette Pama, Grade 9, Honors

Rosalina Paulino, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Elizabeth Peart, Grade 6, Highest Honors

Emely Rodriguez, Grade 12, Honors

Ashley Sanchez, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Harper Tomlinson, Grade 7, Honors



Alyssa Karalekas, Grade 8, Honors

Kathryn Nelson, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Veronica Nelson, Grade 10, Honors

Julia Perreault, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Eva Regmi, Grade 6, Highest Honors

Yamlin Thapa, Grade 10, Honors

Claire Topper, Grade 10, Honors

Brianna Waycott, Grade 12, Honors

Isabella Waycott, Grade 10, Honors

Lindsey Williams, Grade 11, Honors

Stella Wosencroft, Grade 10, Honors


Ella Benson, Grade 8, Honors

Tess Briden, Grade 10, Honors

Olivia Coelho, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Charlotte Didie-Burke, Grade 7, Highest Honors

Selah Ethier, Grade 9, Honors

Maggie Peterson, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Elizabeth White, Grade 12, Honors

Emelia Zabbo, Grade 8, Honors



Jacqueline Mattos, Grade 8, Honors

Olivia Mattos, Grade 11, Honors 


Sophia DiChiaro, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Amy Papa, Grade 11, Highest Honors



Sydney Nogueira, Grade 12, Honors



Maya Joncas, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Charlotte Jones, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Emily McDonald, Grade 12, Highest Honors 



Maya Lavey, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Mara Machado, Grade 9, Highest Honors

Madison Medeiros, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Ainsley Pattie, Grade 12, Honors

Ava Ellette Sousa, Grade 9, Honors



Caroline Barr, Grade 12, Honors

Liliana Bastia, Grade 12, Honors

Ava Brennan, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Jacqueline Buffery, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Shannon Byrne, Grade 8, Honors

Kathryn Creamer, Grade 12, Honors

Adrianna Egan, Grade 10, Honors

Catrina Fielding, Grade 12, Honors

Abigail Figueiredo, Grade 8, Honors

Caroline Kanaczet, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Lily Lockhart, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Brooke Maloney, Grade 12, Honors

Ada Murphy, Grade 6, Honors

Gianna Paolino, Grade 10, Honors

Talia Plante, Grade 12, Honors

Amelia Polichetti, Grade 10, Honors

Katey Sattel, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Eva Scott-Sheldon, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Annabelle Tracy, Grade 10, Honors

Olivia Tracy, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Iris Weiss, Grade 9, Honors

Hannah Wind, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Mae Zonfrillo, Grade 6, Honors

West Greenwich

Stefanie Levesque, Grade 12, Honors

West Kingston

Mia Saracino, Grade 11, Highest Honors

West Warwick

Alyssa Allen, Grade 9, Honors

Rachel Alves, Grade 11, Honors

Nathalie Castillo, Grade 9, Honors

Eliza Gojcz, Grade 7, Honors

Ciara Mercado-Alvarez, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Jady Payamps, Grade 11, Honors

Sage Verkler, Grade 10, Honors


Victoria Miller-Tuchon, Grade 12, Honors


Faith Blais, Grade 12, Highest Honors 





North Attleboro

Hiba Hussain, Grade 10, Honors



Amanda Abbott, Grade 10, Honors

Ashley Anderson, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Sophia Andrade, Grade 7, Highest Honors

Ava Brown, Grade 8, Honors

Milan Byrne, Grade 7, Highest Honors

Sarah Cady, Grade 9, Honors

Rhaea Crepeau, Grade 6, Honors

Laura DeGirolamo, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Avery Gomes, Grade 8, Honors

Madison Gomes, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Abbie Green-Sermak, Grade 12, Honors

Molly Green-Sermak, Grade 9, Honors 

Sophie Green-Sermak, Grade 7, Highest Honors 

Nicole Ptaszek, Grade 10, Honors

Ava Wasylow, Grade 10, Highest Honors

Ella Wasylow, Grade 11, Highest Honors

Jia Weingard, Grade 12, Highest Honors



Ariana Bobiak, Grade 8, Honors

Yiling Brady, Grade 7, Highest Honors 

Yishan Brady, Grade 8, Highest Honors

Marya Cheema, Grade 7, Honors

Jane Maciel, Grade 12, Honors

Julia Martin, Grade 10, Honors


Ashley DaCosta, Grade 7, Highest Honors

Jessica DeFontes, Grade 9, Honors