Congratulations to Our Third Quarter Honor Roll Scholars

The St. Mary Academy – Bay View community recognizes those students who demonstrate above-average scholastic achievement on a quarterly basis via the Honor Roll. A student in grades six through twelve who achieves all As for the quarter grading period is given "highest honor." A student who achieves As and Bs for the quarter grading period is recognized with "honors." The following is the list of students who achieved placement on the St. Mary Academy – Bay View Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2019–20 school year.

Congratulations to all of our scholars!

Grade 6

Ella Benson, Highest Honors
Ava Bianchi, Honors
Ariana Bobiak, Highest Honors
Polly Bosch, Honors
Yishan Brady, Highest Honors
Julie DaSilva, Honors
Gabriella De La Cruz, Honors
Tierney Heath, Highest Honors
Caroline Kanaczet, Highest Honors
Madison Medeiros, Highest Honors
Mariana Rivera, Highest Honors
Ashley Sanchez, Honors
Sophie Sullivan, Highest Honors
Loretta Wilson, Honors
Emelia Zabbo, Honors

Grade 7

Grace Benson, Highest Honors
Sienna Byrne, Highest Honors
Claire Chace, Honors
Serena Corelli, Honors
Serenity DaSilva, Honors
Jessica DeFontes, Highest Honors
Jayden Donnelly, Honors
Molly Green-Sermak, Highest Honors
Szaffi Hock De Leon, Honors
Melissa Keller, Honors
Angelina Maldonado, Honors
Skyla Mimoso, Highest Honors
Madeline O'Hearn, Honors
Oreoluwa Osunde, Honors
Natalie Sediva, Honors
Katie Sousa, Honors
Gianna Ucci, Highest Honors
Hannah Wiczek, Highest Honors
Jesatey Zapata, Honors

Grade 8

Amanda Abbott, Highest Honors
Abbey Abood, Highest Honors
Gia Assi, Honors
Cassandra Bonilla, Honors
Tess Briden, Highest Honors
Isabelle Chou, Highest Honors
Giana DelSignore, Honors
Natalie Eliza Dungca, Honors
Adrianna Egan, Honors
Lily Lockhart, Honors
Julia Martin, Highest Honors
Veronica Nelson, Highest Honors
Jillian Nguyen, Honors
Sophia Olivares, Honors
Julia Perreault, Highest Honors
Ella Rwenzo, Honors
Katey Sattel, Highest Honors
Patience Small, Honors
Victoria Sousa, Honors
Payton Sullivan, Honors
Claire Topper, Honors
Annabelle Tracy, Honors

Grade 9

Marina Abreu, Honors
Rachel Alves, Highest Honors
Siera Baptista, Honors
Ahtiana Benway, Honors
Olivia Cobery, Honors
Olivia Coelho, Highest Honors
Sophia DiChiaro, Highest Honors
Mary DiIorio, Honors
Phoebe Dolan, Honors
Johnna Eunis, Highest Honors
Taylor Ferraro, Highest Honors
Lia Gallagher, Honors
Samantha Garagliano, Honors
Eva Garofano, Honors
Elizabeth Healey, Highest Honors
Gabrielle Jeffrey, Honors
Aria Jordan, Honors
Satanvi Kavali, Honors
Jessica Lamoureux, Honors
Olivia Mattos, Highest Honors
Cassidy McLoughlin, Honors
Ciara Mercado-Alvarez, Highest Honors
Francine Miller, Highest Honors
Amy Papa, Honors
Hannah Parisella, Honors
Julia Parsons, Highest Honors
Jady Payamps, Honors
Eleanor Petersen-Rockney, Honors
Jazmin Pierce, Honors
Kaylie Porter, Honors
Rebecca Russell, Honors
Suraily Sam, Honors
Mia Saracino, Highest Honors
Eleanor Sheridan, Honors
Kayley Thibodeau, Honors
Sarah Trosin, Honors
Ella Wasylow, Highest Honors
Lindsey Williams, Honors

Grade 10

Madison Abood, Honors
Ashley Anderson, Highest Honors
Neisa Barbosa, Honors
Caroline Barr, Honors
Liliana Bastia, Honors
Sophia Bianchi, Highest Honors
Faith Blais, Highest Honors
Grace Bourassa, Highest Honors
Caitlin Brown, Highest Honors
Emily Carruolo, Honors
Emma Chou, Honors
Caroline Cloxton, Highest Honors
Mary Rose Comerford, Highest Honors
Caryn Leigh Comerford, Highest Honors
Liv DaSilva, Honors
Andrea DeFusco, Honors
Orla Feld, Honors
Hannah Ferro, Honors
Catrina Fielding, Highest Honors
Avery Gardner, Honors
Abbey Gemma, Honors
Emma Greene, Honors
Abbie Green-Sermak, Honors
Emily Heath, Highest Honors
Tessa Izzo, Honors
Jadzia Jean, Honors
Maya Joncas, Highest Honors
Charlotte Jones, Highest Honors
Molly Kilkenny, Honors
Jessica King, Highest Honors
Emma Leary, Highest Honors
Stefanie Levesque, Highest Honors
Julia Lindenberg, Honors
Jarilyn Lizana, Highest Honors
Margaret Mahoney, Honors
Erica Makhlouf, Honors
Brooke Maloney, Honors
Lauren Marsella, Honors
Olivia Martin, Highest Honors
Jadah Matos, Honors
Emily McDonald, Highest Honors
Victoria Miller-Tuchon, Honors
Simone Miranda, Honors
Sophia Mutti, Honors
Kathryn Nelson, Highest Honors
Katelyn Niles, Honors
Emily O'Hearn, Highest Honors
Hailey Osmanski, Honors
Gabriella Osorio-Palo, Highest Honors
Abigail Pare, Highest Honors
Ainsley Pattie, Honors
Erin Payne, Highest Honors
Morgan Pedus, Highest Honors
Sabrina Randall, Honors
Emely Rodriguez, Honors
Lily Sarnowski, Honors
Eva Scott-Sheldon, Highest Honors
Jasmine Stevens, Honors
Olivia Tracy, Highest Honors
Morgan Vales, Highest Honors
Gabriela Valotto, Honors
Stephanie Vera, Honors
Brianna Waycott, Honors
Jia Weingard, Highest Honors
Elizabeth White, Honors
Hannah Wind, Honors
Yun (Amber) Zheng, Honors

Grade 11

Emily Barone, Honors
Alison Berg, Highest Honors
Brooke Brennan, Honors
Adrienne Brewster, Honors
Emily Buchanan, Honors
Sophia Cambio, Honors
Phoebe Chace, Honors
Giabella Childs, Highest Honors
Lindsay Cianfarani, Honors
Kaitlynn Clement, Highest Honors
Abigail Dawson, Honors
Anna DeGirolamo, Honors
Erin Donovan, Honors
Cecelia Egan, Honors
Jordan Ferraro, Honors
Tessa Foley, Highest Honors
Emma Gladziszewski, Honors
Sarah Hardiman, Honors
Isabella Heffernan, Highest Honors
Kelsey Hottenstein, Honors
Kirsten Jones, Highest Honors
Gianna Lanni, Honors
Alyssa Liebegott, Honors
Victoria Lopes, Honors
Wenting (Alex) Lu, Highest Honors
Alyssa Maggiacomo, Honors
Maeve Martineau, Honors
Alyssa Martinez, Honors
Allison Medeiros, Honors
Abigail Miller, Highest Honors
Kylie Mulhearn, Honors
Brooke Newbury, Highest Honors
Audrey Newman, Honors
Ava Nyman, Honors
Katie O'Connell, Honors
Megan Oliveira, Honors
Olamide Omeike, Honors
Isabelle Palumbo, Honors
Elizabeth Papa, Honors
Gwen Payne, Highest Honors
Zoe Plaisted, Highest Honors
Kaleigh Quinn, Highest Honors
Greta Redleaf, Honors
Elizabeth Scotti, Honors
Abigail Shea, Highest Honors
Kathleen Sheridan, Honors
Alejandra Tavarez, Honors
Julia Thomas, Honors
Caroline Thomas, Honors
Jordan Weaver, Honors
Hannah Wishtischin, Honors
Qianwei (Freya) Zhang, Honors

Grade 12

Justice A'Vant, Honors
Nicole Baalbaki, Highest Honors
Cecilia Bianchi, Highest Honors
Meredith Bourque, Honors
Melina Cabral, Highest Honors
Jenna Cassiere, Honors
Haley Clement, Honors
Jessenia Collazo, Honors
Emily Conley, Honors
Caitlin Cummings, Honors
Theresa Der Manouelian, Highest Honors
Elise Dezotell, Honors
Sofia DiGregorio, Honors
Lauren DiSanto, Highest Honors
Lauren Dohoney, Honors
Ryleigh Fortin, Highest Honors
Hunter Grace, Highest Honors
Hunter Grenier, Honors
Sokhna-Binta Gueye, Honors
Melany Guzman, Honors
Amy Hurst, Honors
Elayna Jaques, Honors
Catherine Jones, Honors
Natalie Karneeb, Highest Honors
Kasandra Kue-Rojas, Honors
Kayla Leandre, Honors
Victoria LeBlanc, Honors
Ashley Mariani, Honors
Rylee Marin, Honors
Brooke Mattos, Highest Honors
Caitlyn McCarthy, Honors
Tiffany McLoughlin, Honors
Caroline Michaud, Honors
Kristine Moore, Highest Honors
Elizabeth Morris, Honors
Zoha Muqudas, Highest Honors
Elizabeth Ng, Honors
Daniella Olivares, Highest Honors
Isabelle Palmisano, Honors
Grace Pelletier, Honors
Ava Rabiner, Honors
Ishita Rai, Highest Honors
Megan Ranucci, Honors
Xiaohan (Lilith) Ren, Highest Honors
Julia Smith, Highest Honors
Kyliegh Souza, Highest Honors
Elliana Spagnolo, Honors
Rebecca Vaillancourt, Honors
Berlinessa Vargas, Honors
Shafali Verma, Honors
Madelyn Weir, Honors
Shengning (Davina) Xu, Honors
Sihan (Samantha) Yang, Honors