Amanda Grattan

Junior Book Awards

Grace Bourassa '22

The Brown University Book Award is awarded to an outstanding high school or preparatory school junior who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression.


Emily McDonald '22

The Harvard Book Prize is an achievement award from the Harvard Alumni Association and is awarded to an outstanding high school student who "displays excellence in scholarship and high character and numerous achievements in other fields."


Sophia Bianchi '22

The Providence College Book Award is presented to an outstanding high school junior who has achieved academic honor, has given to the school community, and has earned the respect of faculty and her peers.


Jasmine Stevens '22

Salve Regina University is an exceptional educational institution sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. The university annually recognizes a student who demonstrates a high ability in literature and in writing and whose personal character reflects an attitude of service and cooperation. 

Putting knowledge into action for the betterment of humanity is at the foundation of a University of Vermont Education. The Citizen Scholar Book Award celebrates high school students around the United States who demonstrate that spirit of citizenship and scholarship. They may have campaigned for a cause, founded a community action group, or conducted research aiding social progress. These students are the movers, shakers, and change-makers of the world.


Faith Blais '22

The Smith College Book Award recognizes an outstanding young woman whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has also made significant, personal contributions to her school and/or community.


Olivia Tracy '22

The recipient of the St. Anselm College Book Award must demonstrate academic success and exceptional leadership qualities in the area of civic engagement. The recipient should embody the values inherent in the schools' Benedictine tradition and have aspirations for continued education. 


Neisa Barbosa '22 and Jia Weingard '22

The St. Michael College Book Award recognizes a junior for academic success and exemplary community-service involvement. Their accomplishments embody St. Michael's commitment to intellectual achievement, social justice and concern for others. 


Emily Heath '22

Stonehill College presents its award to an academically talented junior who excels not only in the classroom but also makes positive contributions to the school and the community. Traditionally, this award is given to a student-athlete who has demonstrated the focus and determination as well as the skill required for high achievement in athletics and academics. 


Hailey Osmanski '22

The University of Rhode Island recognizes a junior whose outstanding personal attributes and spirit of service are worthy and inspiring. This student demonstrates solid scholarship and values her school and community. 


Gabriella Osorio-Palo '22The University of Virginia is proud to offer the Jefferson Book Award, an honor recognizing outstanding high school juniors who embody Jefferson's commitment to innovation, creativity, and the spirit of discovery.


Maya Joncas '22

The Wellesley College Book Award is awarded to a high school junior selected for her intelligence, determination, motivation and achievement. She is a visible member of her school and community. Most importantly, however, she is an academic leader in her school.


Emma Leary '22

The recipient of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute STEM Leadership Book Award is selected by their high school in recognition of their personal and academic achievements. This student should exhibit exceptional academic achievement in a rigorous college-prep program with a focus on courses in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics; a commitment to leadership as an engaged member of their school and community; a strong ability to collaborate, innovate, and problem-solve; and a preference for hand-on project-based learning in a collaborative environment. 

Senior Department Awards

The Sister Mary Donald Egan Award for Excellence in English is presented to Audrey Newman '21.

The Sister Mary Syliva Rice Award for Excellence in History is presented to Isabella Heffernan '21.

The Sister Mary Margaret Murphy Award for Excellence in Math is presented to Brooke Newbury '21.

The Outstanding Achievement Award in Mathematics is presented to Abigail Miller '21.

The Outstanding Achievement Award in Computer Technology is presented to Kaitlynn Clement '21.

The Mary Jane Blanchette Award for Excellence in Science is presented to Abigail Miller '21.

The Verbum Dei Award from Excellence in Theological Studies is presented to Jordan Ferraro '21. 

The Ethos Award for Excellence in the Study of a World Language is presented to Alejandra Tavarez '21.

The Outstanding Achievement Award in the Performing Arts is presented to Abigail Dawson '21 and Greta Redleaf '21. 

The Creative Achievement Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts is presented to Kaitlynn Clement '21. 

The Alison Pochebit Excellence in Humanity Award is presented to Brooke Newbury '21.

The Rhode Island College Book Award is presented to Kirsten Jones '21. 

The Congressional Leadership Award is presented to Abigail Miller '21. 

The Senator Pell Award is presented to Kylie Mulhearn '21.