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This year marks the 38th anniversary of our annual fundraiser Manhattan at the Bay!  When you support Manhattan at the Bay, you help educate and empower every student, PreK through Grade 12.

Your donation will make an immediate impact and will support: 

  • Unrestricted operating support for academic priorities and programs

  • COVID-19 mitigation

  • Financial aid 

  • Expansion of our academic programs

  • Cutting-edge technology upgrades  

  • Enhanced arts, athletics, and cultural activities 

  • Campus improvements to our buildings and grounds 

This year, an anonymous donor has promised to match every dollar raised to $1.5 million through June 30, 2021.

‚ÄčThe show will go on for generations to come. Established in 2021, the Christine D. Kavanagh Endowment for the Performing Arts will be a permanently endowed fund to support the ongoing performing arts program at St. Mary Academy - Bay View. The funds will be used to support the performing arts program’s general operations and scholarships for performing arts students.

Thank you to our Angels!

Cabaret Through the Years