From the Principal

To the Class of 2020

On March 13th, 2020, your world was turned upside down.  On that day we left school, thinking we would be back in a matter of weeks, not months.  We never imagined we would not return to these halls and classrooms. Instead, we shifted into virtual learning, meetings, and just about our whole world went virtual. There were days when you were angry, frustrated, and filled with disappointment, and, yes, you had every right to feel all of those emotions.  This virus took so many “lasts” away from you:  the last song on the stage, the last game on the field, and the last race to run, the last time in the boat.  But through it all, you continued to be the best student that you could be.  You were patient and kind to each other and to your teachers as they began work through uncharted territory.  You were there for each other, and that is how I will always remember the Class of 2020.

You are a class that has learned and seen so much through this pandemic called Covid-19.  You have seen the importance of essential workers, communities without adequate access to health care, inequality, and so on.  You have had to grow up faster than any of the previous classes when it should have been a time of fun and excitement.  Throughout your years at Bay View, you have discussed the Mercy critical concerns present in our world in many classes, but now you have lived through some of the most painful events and concerns.   This is your time to harness your education, your creativity, and to use your voice to make a difference and have a profound impact on society.  It is young women such as you who will reshape our world.

When you entered St. Mary Academy - Bay View four years ago, I know you thought--as we all did--that on graduation day, you would walk down the aisle in the Cathedral one last time as the Class of 2020.  I am sorry that graduating from the Cathedral is not possible.  Given all the restrictions about public assemblies, administration and faculty felt it was important to celebrate your hard work and the effort that brought you to the moment of Commencement. It is important that you walk across a stage, and that you are recognized one last time at Bay View as an integral part of our community. Your world has become virtual for the time being and that is why I wanted to bring you home where your journey began, to the place where you joined clubs, teams, made friends and have so many memories.  Bay View will always be a safe haven for you as you move through life so, if possible, remember the beginnings and know that this graduation is not an ending but another beginning where you write another chapter of your story. I know it is not the traditional Bay View graduation, but let’s think of it this way: your graduation is one that will always be remembered! 

The Class of 2020 will always hold a special place in my heart for all that we have been through together. 

Ms. Gribbin