World Languages

Learning to speak another’s language means taking one’s place in the human community. It means reaching out to others across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Language is far more than a system to be explained. It is our most important link to the world around us.” - Sandra J. Savignon

The World Languages Department at St. Mary Academy - Bay View promotes understanding of peoples and cultures. We endeavor to prepare young women for the challenges and opportunities of the global community of the twenty-first century. Through a variety of offerings and technology-based activities and lessons, young women develop interdisciplinary skills which will enhance their ability to succeed in a complex socio-economic world. We also affirm that, in her success, the Bay View alumna shall be ever mindful of those in need, whether in her immediate community and country, or internationally. We value the potential of our students to become life-long learners; therefore, we endeavor to foster this integral aspect of these competent young women with the hope that they will participate in creating “... a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.” - MacArthur Foundation


Upon completion of the World Languages Program, the student will be able to:

  • understand the concept and nature of language;
  • communicate competently through the English language;
  • communicate competently through at least one other global language and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of its culture;
  • access broader personal and professional opportunities as a result of knowing a second language;
  • understand what digital citizenship entails, and employ current and future technologies effectively and responsibly, treating fellow technology users with respect and dignity.

The student will recognize and understand the diversity among peoples and cultures. This understanding will enhance her appreciation of and participation in the global community. Hence, she will enjoy the rewards of being an informed and cultured person throughout her life.


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