The Science Department fosters individuals who are science literate and confident. The science program is designed to encourage curiosity and creativity while preparing the students to face the scientific and ethical challenges of our global community. Students develop and apply critical thinking, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills as they integrate their knowledge of science with other disciplines. The overall focus is for students to acquire proficiency in the use of scientific language, concepts, materials, and appropriate technology.

The Upper School science curriculum is designed to provide the student with a foundation for future study at the collegiate level. The traditional courses of biology, chemistry, and physics are the core of the curriculum. Electives such as anatomy and physiology, molecular biology, environmental science, and forensic science provide the opportunity for exploration into a specific scientific discipline. Advanced Placement courses are available in biology, chemistry, and physics.


The student will:

  • Use scientific methods, equipment, and technology to investigate and solve problems working collaboratively and individually;
  • Demonstrate through written and verbal communication an understanding and application of scientific concepts and language;
  • Integrate, analyze, and apply information from the sciences and other disciplines;
  • Explain the basic structures and functions of living things;
  • Compare and contrast how living things interact with one another and with the environment;
  • Explain the relationship between properties of matter and energy, and the laws that govern the natural world;
  • Examine the major developments in science;
  • Explore career opportunities;
  • Recognize that the body of scientific and technological knowledge is constantly changing and will take personal responsibility for lifelong learning.


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