As a discipline that promotes the value of the study of the humanities, the Upper School English Department strives to broaden students’ horizons by leading them to an appreciation of the diversity of human experience and the beauty of the human spirit through the study of high-interest and wide-ranging literature in its various forms—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. We believe that such exposure will help students to develop a strong moral code as well as an awareness of themselves as individuals who are empowered to contribute to the humanization of society in a world focused on science and technology. In addition, students gain the skills necessary to express themselves in both written and oral platforms to a variety of audiences. Close reading, analytical, and critical thinking skills are stressed in every aspect of the English curriculum in order to equip students with the tools they need to take their place in the global community as inquisitive, creative, articulate and cultured individuals.


Upon completion of the English Program, the student will be able to:

  • communicate information and personal opinion clearly, concisely, and completely in a manner appropriate to the given context;
  • demonstrate proficiency and comprehension in written and spoken English;
  • identify and use appropriate research strategies;
  • use technology responsibly as an effective communication tool.

The student will know:

  • a wide range of literature from many time periods and cultures as expressed in various genres;
  • various research strategies including the use of technological resources.

The student will appreciate:

  • the diversity of literature;
  • the aesthetic dimension that is reflected in literature;
  • the place of the moral perspective in reading and responding to literature.

Ultimately, the student will learn from literary experiences (reading, writing, and dialoguing), values and skills empowering her to contribute to the humanization of society.


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