Upper School (9–12)

St. Mary Academy – Bay View promotes an atmosphere of respect for and among all students of diverse backgrounds. Rooted in the core gospel values that inspired Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, we are committed to sustaining an educational environment that fosters respect, integrity, compassion, Mercy, global awareness, justice, spiritual growth, service, and academic excellence.
At Bay View, young women are challenged to grow as self-expressive, resilient, and analytical scholars. We support this process by providing learning opportunities that will prepare our students not only for college but also for their involvement as active, empathetic participants in our changing world.

Bay View students are enthusiastically engaged in their education as inquisitive thinkers and effective communicators. Our rigorous Upper School curriculum is delivered by an exceptional faculty who incorporate problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and experiential learning as standards in their instructional practice. Customized scheduling affords students a range of placement in high-level classes to suit their talents and learning needs - from level one to honors, Advanced Placement, and even college courses through Rhode Island College’s Early Enrollment Program.


The student will be enabled:

  • to utilize acquired knowledge that is permeated with Judeo-Christian values;
  • to meet the challenges of post-secondary education;
  • to recognize and create experiences which foster cooperation and interdependence;
  • to value diversity within the global community;
  • to discern and promote moral and aesthetic values;
  • to grow in appreciation of her dignity and potential in contemporary society;
  • to involve herself in social, political, civic and religious activities that will stimulate interest and participation in contemporary issues;
  • to assume responsibility for her ongoing educational and personal development;
  • to actualize the above objectives so as to pursue a life that is integrated and meaningful.







Mathematics/Computer Science




History & Social Sciences


World Languages


Physical Education & Health


 Fine Arts

Marcela Rossi