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The World Languages Department at St. Mary Academy -  Bay View seeks to prepare students to be active participants in a 21st-century society, accepting and performing their duties as global citizens. Beyond the teaching of a language, our school aims to provide an environment that values and respects other cultures. We do this by taking a close look at how people in different parts of the world live, work, interact, play, raise families and contribute to society.

Rapid advances in technology bring on a variety of political, social, economic and cultural challenges. To meet these challenges, international cooperation is essential. This, in turn, requires communication among people of different nations. The gateway to communicate with other people is through the study of world languages. Here at Bay View, we focus on teaching the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking a language, while also bringing to the students’ attention to the realities of the modern world.

Middle School students start learning Spanish in Grade 6. Research supports that early exposure to a world language leads to increased cognitive skills and problem-solving capabilities, in addition to the acquisition of skills transferable to other domains, such as English vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and communication skills.

In Grade 8, students have the choice of continuing with the study or Spanish or beginning the study of another language in the Upper School, such as Italian and Portuguese. Students who successfully complete the Middle School Spanish program will enter the Upper School in Spanish 2. They will be evaluated at the end of Grade 8 and will be placed in the Honors program or in the college prep program, which continues through level five, allowing students the option of taking Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish their senior year.

*St. Mary Academy - Bay View emphasizes achieving proficiency in at least one world language, but encourages students who are passionate about language studies to take and pursue fluency in more than one language.


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