The courses in religious education at St. Mary Academy - Bay View seek to educate young girls in a manner modeled after Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, whose Catholic faith provided her the pathway to God and to her experience of Jesus the Christ. Students are guided in their faith journey to deepen their relationship with God through scripture, church history/tradition, and doctrine. Understanding God as the source and core of all things, we educate on behalf of mercy and justice, bringing to the classroom a global perspective with an appreciation of diversity. The response to such a deepening understanding is service, the manifestation of a life centered in LOVE which allows the students to discover the beauty and dignity of their person and all persons of the human family and all of creation.

Prayer and reflection is a part of daily life at the Academy, from the gathering of the Lower, Middle Schools for prayer in the garden and in the chapel, and at the beginning of each class to all-academy Masses and prayer services. Catherine’s words, "The tender mercy of God has given us one another is a reminder of the uniqueness and dignity of each person who brings Mercy to the school community and beyond."


  • 4602 Religion - Grade 6
  • 4702 Religion - Grade 7
  • 4801 Religion -  Grade 8

The Middle School Religious Studies Program includes the study of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, encourages moral development, and fosters religious literacy. In addition, the program is designed to allow the student to explore and discuss progressively, over three years, such topics as friendship, decision-making, self-understanding, effective communication, prayer, worship, Church, and Mercy Charism. The intent is to facilitate in the student a growing self-awareness as well as an awareness of her place in the world.


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