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Mathematics/Computer Science Department Overview

The Middle School Mathematics Program intends to build on a strong K-5 foundation and to provide hands-on learning in the areas of geometry, algebra, probability, and statistics. Students who have mastered these concepts and skills will be well prepared for algebra. Students in Grade 8 algebra follow the Upper School Algebra Honors curriculum.

Computer Science classes at the Middle School level are designed around problem-solving, persistence, creativity, communication and collaboration. Each Middle School student takes Computer Science in Grade 6 and then in either Grade 7 or Grade 8. The courses make use of G Suite from Google, Computer Science Discoveries from and Robotics from Lego Education. The lessons are inquiry-based, hands-on with a strong connection to problem-solving. Along with our mandatory courses, we offer a Robotics course from which we pull our award-winning Robotics Team. Computer Science courses at the Middle School level lay a strong foundation for each student when she continues into the Upper School course of studies. 

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