The Middle School Language Arts curriculum lays a strong foundation in reading comprehension and writing skills that prepare students for the rigors of the Upper School English curriculum. The program for Grades 6, 7, and 8 blends grammar and vocabulary components as well as speaking, listening, and writing skills with the study of literature. Whole class, group, and individual instruction along with cooperative group work, projects, writing workshops, and thematic units all support learning. For each unit, students are presented with a theme and an essential question that promotes open-ended exploration and discussion. The Accelerated Reading Program aims to foster a love of reading and helps students to discover the diversity of literature appropriate to their age level. English Language Arts classes are organized into four key features aligned with Common Core State Standards for Middle School.


  • 2600 English - Grade 6
  • 2700 English - Grade 7
  • 2800 English - Grade 8

The English courses for Middle School offer a strongly integrated approach to reading and writing. Through extensive exposure to adolescent literature, both classic and contemporary, students increase their vocabulary and become acquainted with effective reading strategies that enable them to become enthusiastic and proficient readers. In addition, all aspects of the writing process are emphasized, and students are encouraged to write in a variety of styles and genres. Throughout the three years, each student receives a strong, sequential foundation in grammar, composition, usage, and referencing skills. 

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