Educating and empowering young women since 1874

Middle School (6–8)

St. Mary Academy – Bay View Middle School for students in grades 6, 7 and 8 serves the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and moral needs of adolescent girls between the ages of 10 and 14. It provides a safe, nurturing environment for the transition from a self-contained elementary school setting to the larger, more self-directed high school environment.


The student will be enabled:

  • to acquire knowledge and to assimilate it according to Judeo-Christian values;
  • to prepare adequately for secondary education;
  • to recognize and to create experiences which foster cooperation, mutuality, and interdependence;
  • to discern and to promote moral and aesthetic values;
  • to grow in appreciation of her dignity and potential in contemporary society;
  • to involve herself in social, political, civic, and religious activities that will stimulate interest and participation in contemporary issues;
  • to assume responsibility for her on-going educational and personal development;
  • to actualize the above objectives so as to pursue a life that is integrated and meaningful.






Mathematics/Computer Science


History & Social Sciences

World Languages


Fine Arts

Physical Education & Health

Marcela Rossi