College Counseling

St. Mary Academy - Bay View's college counseling philosophy throughout the application process is simple and powerful: Choosing a best-fit college is a critical step to forge a path to success.

College Planning at Bay View

Our college counselors are dedicated to working closely with junior and senior students as well as their families, helping them navigate the application process and determine which colleges and universities best suit their academic, personal and professional goals. Through individual and small group meetings, classroom visits and advisory presentations, each student will be provided the resources and advocacy to make the most appropriate college choice.

Using the web-based solution, Naviance Succeed, our college counselors assist students with course planning, career planning, and college planning. In addition, students and their families have access to Family Connection, which allows users to:

  • Get involved in the planning process - build a resume; manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.
  • Research colleges - compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from students who have already applied from Bay View.
  • Sign up for college visits - find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions.

Upper School Graduation Requirements

English 4 credits
Theology 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Social Sciences 3 credits
World Language 3 credits
Physical Education/Health 2 credits
Fine Arts .5 credits
Computer Science .5 credits
Community Outreach .25 credits
School to Career .25 credits
Electives 2.5 credits
Total Credits Required 26 credits


College Placement - Class of 2021

Four-Year Colleges 100%
Two-Year Colleges 0%
Combined College Placement 100%

St. Mary Academy - Bay View students graduate at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

College and University Acceptances for the Classes of 2012 - 2018

Schools are listed in alphabetical order