St. Mary Academy - Bay View is one Academy housing three schools - Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. All three schools share one common mission:

In the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, we foster academic excellence in an innovative and creative learning environment in order to empower each student, from PreK through grade twelve, to be a confident, independent, compassionate and socially conscious young woman who fully lives her faith.

This mission is carried out in developmentally appropriate ways across the three levels, and all are targeted to girls...the way they learn, play, grow, relate and thrive. Lower School (Sprouts through grade five), Middle School (grades six through eight), and Upper School (grades nine through twelve).

The curriculum, like the mission, is based on an all-Academy approach. Each subject area, from science and mathematics to world languages, performing arts and physical education, is incorporated beginning at age three and progresses until our students graduate from the Upper School.

Three Schools

Upper School

I am confident. I am socially conscious. I am independent. I am a leader. I am Bay View.

At St. Mary Academy - Bay View, young women are challenged to grow as critical thinkers. We support this process by providing the essential foundation in core courses that will prepare them for college and our changing world. Bay View students are inquisitive and engaged in their learning. The rigorous curriculum is taught by an exceptional faculty using several learning styles incorporating hands-on learning, group work, Socratic seminars and cutting-edge technology. With one-to-one computing, all students are utilizing their iPads in every class, from the science labs to the art wing.

Our customized scheduling allows young women to tailor their learning experience, taking higher level classes in the areas where they have a natural aptitude. This ability to mix classes and create personalized scheduling combinations selected from Level One to Honors, Advanced Placement and even college courses through Rhode Island College’s Early Enrollment Program, gives each student the opportunity and the confidence to advance.

Middle School

I am strong. I am fair. I am resilient. I am generous. I am unique. I am Bay View.

St. Mary Academy - Bay View's Middle School is designed to meet the unique stage of development of the early adolescent learner as they enjoy newfound independence within a comfortable amount of supervision. Our interdisciplinary curriculum, the incorporation of technology through one-to-one computing, the support services for students and the many activities offered are all designed around the needs of Middle School girls. Interdisciplinary units are supported at every grade with learning outside of the classroom.

Our Middle School program teaches young women to manage the many changes in their lives as they develop into thinkers, leaders, engaged citizens and individuals. Through one-to-one computing, all students work with an iPad and use it daily, across all disciplines, whether it is to enhance their algebra skills, produce a video or research rare diseases.

Required courses combined with the effectiveness of team teaching and our array of electives such as visual art, keyboard, robotics, choral and beginning instruments ensure that our girls will be ready to tackle the added demands of Upper School.

Lower School

I am brave. I am bright. I am kind. I am playful. I am curious. I am Bay View.

Bay View offers the benefits of a large Academy within the safety of a small, nurturing Early Childhood and Lower School program. Bay View’s Sprouts (three year olds), Blossoms (four year olds) and Kindergarten classrooms support our young girls’ love of learning. Within this caring and creative environment, we provide girl-centered activities with a focus on creativity, spirituality, independence and curiosity, fostering a young girl’s relationships with her peers while enhancing her autonomy.

Our exceptional Lower School teachers appreciate the individual. They recognize the gifts and talents of each and every student, resulting in enthusiastic learners who are independent, self-aware and resilient. Our girl-centered approach combines all disciplines into a developmentally appropriate learning experience. In the classroom, the Athletic Wellness Center, the robotics and technology lab, the choral room and the keyboard lab, even the youngest Bay View girls experience a rich learning environment that is both engaging and challenging.

Our girls learn Spanish, use iPads, enjoy gym classes in the Wellness Center, visit the library, play on the playground and benefit from shared activities with their Lower, Middle and Upper School role models.