Be a Better Dancer
Talia Laurito ’09, New England Patriots Cheerleader, Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Want to be the very best dancer you can be? All it takes it practice! In this workshop we’ll teach eager young dancers how to properly take care of their bodies, choosing healthy food options and properly stretching before a work out. We’ll learn some fun choreography and give the dancers a taste of how quickly the material is taught at a professional level. It will be a room of great energy, music and fun!

Conducting the Ensemble
Meagan Morales '04, Music Educator and Conductor
Hold the music in the palm of your hands with this interactive and creative opportunity. “Conducting the Ensemble” is a chance to learn basic choral and orchestral conducting techniques. From the first down beat of one of Beethoven’s famous symphonies, to the last note sung by an impressive chorus, grab the baton and lead the group on a musical journey!

Discover Art!
Erica Campanella '98, Illustrator
Get a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of illustrators! In this workshop, students will use their imagination and photographic references to create exciting and fun illustrations, while learning about the illustration process and methods used in the field.

Eat Well with Color
Kelsey Leonard '13, Culinary Chef, Johnson & Wales University

Picky eater? Having trouble getting the required amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet? In this workshop we will prepare simple smoothies and recipes, that are not only colorful and nutritious, but quick and delicious!

Spotlight on You!
Kendall Lima Purdy '00, Professional Vocalist
Do you dream of being an actress? Musician? Making it big is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and this workshop will focus on the path to becoming a performing artist with all of its up and downs and using it to grow moving forward.

Live! Producing for TV
Mary Karalis ‘04, Television Producer of “The Rhode Show”
Do you love TV? Social media? Do you follow the latest gossip on celebrities and public figures? How would you like to pick the stories that make the morning headlines! That’s exactly what a TV Producer does every single day. From writing to editing, reporting and posting, spend an hour learning what takes to put a successful morning television program together and make it must-see TV!

Oh Snap! Exploring a Career in Portrait Photography
Lynne Damiano '98

Take a peek through the lens of a digital camera and learn how to freeze moments in time! Learn about how a camera works, basics of light and composition, and some of the programs used to edit a digital image.

Patchwork Play
Tara Celeste ‘04, Textile Artist

Do you enjoy color, design and pattern? Making things with your hands? Creating unique and functional art? In this workshop you will learn about what it's like to work with textiles, including making quilts, clothing and handbags. Design your own piece of fabric art to take home, use, and admire!

The Power of the Pen: Writing for a Living
Alexandria D’Angelo '04, Freelance Writer

Are you passionate about writing? Love to tell a story? Find out how you can live your dreams and turn them into a sustainable career! Thanks to the Internet, the world is full of possibility for writers just like you, and most of them involve working from home and being your own boss. We’ll explore what it means to be a blogger and content writer and get your creative juices flowing with a writing exercise. Learn how to get your work noticed by readers and leave with your own short story!

Raise the Barre
Stacey Ferranti '04 and Sara Cabral '09, Pure Barre Instructors

Love music? Dance? Then we’ve got the class for you! This workshop will introduce you to the exercise class that’s taking over the nation! We’ll focus on the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle and self confidence, while also breaking a sweat and grooving to some of today’s most popular music. Raise your barre. Pure Barre!