Bay View to Enhance Science Curriculum with Champlin Grant

St. Mary Academy - Bay View is enhancing its science curriculum with state of the art equipment and introducing calculus-based physics to the program of study made possible by the generous support of the Champlin Foundation. AP Physics-C (Mechanics) and AP Physics-C (Electricity and Magnetism) will be added to an AP program that already includes algebra-based physics. Each of the new courses is equivalent to a one-semester, calculus-based physics course typically taken by students pursuing a degree in engineering or physics at the undergraduate level.

The $49,790 investment in state-of- the-art laboratory equipment will enrich the laboratory component of the AP physics program at Bay View while concurrently enhancing all levels of physics and chemistry instruction. This technology will include valuable equipment to assist student investigations in mechanics, wave theory, sound, light and optics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. Wireless technology and high-speed video recording will support advanced data collection and analysis. The acquisition of a 3-D printer will provide opportunities for integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics into a creative, hands-on experience that promotes student thinking, problem-solving, and expression.

For young women interested in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) the opportunity to work with the best equipment available in a high school setting enhances those educational experiences and encourages the pursuit of challenging careers in science and engineering, fields in which women, according to the National Girls Collaborative Project, currently make up only 29% of the workforce.

Kathy Notarianni Ph.D., Associate Professor of Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Bay View '82) states, "The addition of these AP physics classes will give Bay View young women the confidence and experience to apply to and excel in competitive college science and engineering programs. All too often, even with the same high school science background, boys tend to apply but girls do not because they feel they are not 'prepared enough.' Bay View is already a leader in educating young women in higher levels of math and science, and the addition of these classes will greatly strengthen their foundation and ability to compete. These young women will be prepared to advance in STEAM courses both in college and in their careers, a goal that is paramount not only in Rhode Island, but across the entire country."