Raffle Calendar Winners

365 Chances to Win

Bay View's Lottery Calendar is a crucial fundraising drive to support the Annual Fund. Each day, one lucky calendar holder wins a $30 prize. On the last day of each month, there is a $250 prize given. And, $200 is awarded on Mercy Day.

365 chances to win and each calendar sold directly supports Bay View's mission.

Pick up your own calendar today!

Raffle Calendar Daily Winners


Gwen Murphy
Robin Krane
David & Marcelina Quadros
Linda Marcetti
Taren Shorter
Tony Jones
Miny Ortiz
Cheryl Zielinski
Linda Makhloaf
Brooks-Randall Family
Audrey Feld
Fran Nettles
Marcia Mascena
Linda Snodgrass
Janet Pezzullo
Nicole Sofer
Suzanne Silva
James Machedo


Angel Macleod
Son Hui Pak
Deborah Lotocki
Ann Wilson
Karin Kittler
Sue Baker
Catherine Donnelly
Donna Mitchell
Tom McCarthy
Paula Lanni
Lori Medeiros
Kenneth Rivera
Carole Papa
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