Raffle Calendar Winners

365 Chances to Win

Bay View's Lottery Calendar is a crucial fundraising drive to support the Annual Fund. Each day, one lucky calendar holder wins a $30 prize. On the last day of each month, there is a $250 prize given. And, $200 is awarded on Mercy Day.

365 chances to win and each calendar sold directly supports Bay View's mission.

Pick up your own calendar today!

Raffle Calendar Daily Winners


The Sinagra Family
Jeanne C. Durand
Dana Stevenson
Lynette M. Taraian
Norma Marsella
Maureen Beaulieu
Jackie Du Hamel
Dianne DeNuccio
Frank Alfreri
Hope Lincoln
Joel Ruhan
Joe Caggiono
Daniel Sarro
Carol Dacosta
Patricia Chin
Audrey Feld
Marybeth Savicki
Emily Reinhardt
Gina Palano
Pamela Raposa
Karin Kittler
Paul Weingard
Ana Richard
Patt Garcelon
Enes Secchetti


Peter Ferreira
Andy Laverdiere
Natalie Swift
Julie Feeney
Janet Whitney
Sarah Trosin

Kim Norton-O'Brien

Director of Philanthropy &
Alumnae Relations
401.434.0113 ext. 104

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