Library Services

The library/media specialists of the Gribbin Middle/Upper School Library are here to help you be an effective and efficient user of the information you find in books and online, and make you a life-long reader. Using a systematic approach, we’ll teach you how to locate, use, and evaluate information from both print and electronic sources.

The Gribbin Middle/Upper School Library is a warm, welcoming environment for students and faculty. Banks of computers are set up throughout the room, and the area is furnished with comfortable couches for relaxing while reading, and tables and chairs for studying and writing.

The library offers a balanced collection of fiction and nonfiction materials, and you’ll have access - both in school and from home - to several online databases that include thousands of e-books. Our membership in a state consortium of over 100 libraries gives you the convenience of searching a state-wide card catalog to locate and borrow materials across Rhode Island. Books that are requested are delivered to Bay View free of charge. In addition, the library has all kinds of reading material to support the Accelerated Reader program in the middle school.

To accommodate your needs, the library is open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Formal Book Club meetings are held once a  month and are open to all students.

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