International Applicants

Bay View Academy’s tradition as an all-girls school began in 1874 when it was founded as St. Mary’s Seminary. It originally offered a boarding school component for its students, with many of the boarders coming from Central America, where the Sisters of Mercy had established a presence through their ministries. In the late 1970s, the school no longer offered dormitory accommodations and became a day school.

In recent years there has been an increased interest among international students to attend Bay View.

The school's excellent reputation and warm sense of community is attractive to the families of foreign-born professionals, such as visiting faculty and research scientists. Many of them also appreciate that the school is located closely to several well-known colleges and universities as well as major teaching hospitals.

Since 2006, Bay View has enrolled students from Germany, India and Japan. In recent years, we have enrolled students through agencies such as Cross Cultural Networks, Nacel, and from an independent agent. Our first student from Korea graduated in 2010 after completing her junior and senior years here.  

Bay View’s commitment to provide a quality education steeped in the tradition of the Religious Sisters of Mercy and upholding the core values of our mission statement reaches beyond our immediate geographic area. Since the enrollment of our first Korean student in 2008, Bay View has expanded our international student population.   In September, 2013 we will begin our academic year with 27 young women from Asia. 

The administration and faculty recognize the benefits of a culturally diverse student body. Technology and the Internet have reduced our planet to a global village. Our school community welcomes its international students and embraces the opportunities to expand cultural diversity and experiences.

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