The goal of the Bay View English Department is to create excitement and wonder in the written word. As an avid reader, you’ll embrace a wide range of literature from many cultures and time periods, as expressed in a variety of genres. The Accelerated Reader Program is used to encourage independent reading. You’ll demonstrate knowledge about all aspects of the writing process, and analyze text by making references and inferences, organizing information and summarizing.  You’ll also learn to differentiate fact and opinion and support your statements through evaluation and evidence.

Literacy - Grade 6

A strong integrated approach to reading and writing is presented through exposure to both classic and contemporary literature.  Students become acquainted with effective reading strategies that enhance their enthusiasm for the literary world around them.  All aspects of the writing process are emphasized through a strong foundation in grammar, usage, and critical thinking skills.

Literature and Communication - Grade 7

Clear communication skills and expanded vocabulary are emphasized through the process writing method and public speaking skills.  Various literary genres are examined as the students’ reading comprehension and ability to express themselves develop.  Learning is supported in a combination of lecture, cooperative work, individual projects, writing workshops and thematic units.

Themes in Literature - Grade 8

Students connect what they learn to themselves, the world and other texts and units they have studied. Ideas and insights are generated through the written and spoken word, analysis and discussion of genres, as the student is challenged to achieve and acquire a sense of purpose.  Most importantly, students will understand texts and concepts and communicate that understanding to others.

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