The English Department at Bay View is here to help you develop a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the richness of the written, spoken, and visual word. Together, we’ll accomplish our goals by reading, analyzing, discussing, and writing about a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, in print and on the screen, across all sorts of cultures. You’ll discover, compile, and use information appropriately and accurately. And when you graduate, you’ll be an articulate and cultured individual.

The average tenure of the English Department faculty is 12 years, while two members have been at Bay View for more than 20 years, we’ve worked in the business sector and taught in public high schools, and have all earned a master’s degree. In fact, one of us has earned her Juris Doctorate.

The department includes a Religious Sister of Mercy and a parent of two current Bay View students. Two faculty members are writers. We serve the Bay View community as class advisors, literary magazine, Mock Trial and yearbook moderators.

Upon completion of the English curriculum, you’ll have mastered the skills needed to communicate both information and personal opinion, clearly, concisely, and completely. You’ll develop an appreciation for the diversity of literature and the moral perspective in reading and responding to literature.

In addition to your classroom experiences and instruction, you’ll have access to the Angell Writing Center, an invaluable resource established to support your writing assignments across the curriculum. Equipped with laptop computers and printers, the Center is open throughout the day and an English teacher is available each period. In addition to table and chair groupings for writing activities, the area is also furnished with comfortable sofas and seating where you may read in a quiet environment.

Students who demonstrate excellence in the study of English are candidates for induction in the Catherine McAuley Chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS). You’ll also participate in national and local writing contests, where our students have consistently won awards for the last 10 years in such competitions as Scholastic Art and Writing, National Council of Teachers of English, Rhode Island Council Teachers of English and Letters about Literature.  

And if you want to share your creative expression with the school community, the English Department sponsors the Zoe Literary Magazine, a publication of student work. You’ll meet regularly as a club to share and critique essays, photographs and poems for publication.

Summary of Current Offerings:

  • Writing about Literature Grade 9
  • British Literature Grade 10
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Grade 11
  • American Literature Grade 11
  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition Grade 12
  • Literary Analysis Grade 12
  • World Literature Grade 12
  • Shakespeare for Groundlings (a semester-long elective) Grades 11 and 12
  • History of Irish Literature (a semester-long elective) Grades 11 and 12
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